What women want?


Men claim women are much more complicated than them, but what about

our side of the story? It’s actually really simple to make a woman happy – if

they’d only look out for the signs! Here are few things women wish men

knew… Guys – we hope you’re taking notes!

1. she wants her man must be best friend, amazing lover, good

caretaker, she want to fell  protected and safe with him.she want to be

more priority in his man’s life. She want that you notice her well like

new haircut, new dress, etc. and want your honest comment. she

wants healthy diction not arguments.

2. she want her man give her good surprises like you talk about one

book every time n she likes to read give her or place where she want

to move with you on long drive take her to drive.(not always

chocolate, dresses, candle light dinner) it makes her happy.

3. After long hectic day if she need your attention so guys plz mute TV,

put your phone a side n listen her. Give her feel that you are always

with her.

4. She wants honesty in her man so guys plz honest with her don’t lie it

will be reason to collapses your relationship.

5. Lazy men are most irritating so weak up n Help her in house hold.

child care, daily routine.be a responsible. she is also working out side

or at home. She is not free she need her care also.

6. Always I LOVE YOU is not magical if its your fault say her sorry her

Sorry its also work. dont be stubborn. Sorry is also in way of


7. Always careful for your hygiene.

8. She is not a taken for granted. Some days are always special in your

life so don’t forget these days. show yourself graduated in love. make

a self made card, be verbally n say her your feelings. she wants you

only so make a plan for that day. like anniversary,birthday.give spl

treatment to her n make it memorable.

9. Women are not always attention seeker but some times are crap.

painful times like..headach and PMS. periods are hell to deal with.so

try to understand her.

10. Some time its good enough if you know about kitchen and make food.

A Blog from :

Chandni Dalal

Match Maker

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