What man wants in her woman…

“Shree Nathji Satya Chhe”

Men and women are completely different physically, biologically and psychologically. They say, Men are from Mars and women are from Venus…Completely opposite, and hence two opposite attracts…and make a complete unit.

I have been writing about the eternal relationship of a man and a woman from my experience of years in the service of Matchmaking and Marriage Bureau and comes across many brides and grooms and learn about their expectations for their life partners.

In one of my blogs, I wrote on “what woman wants in a man”, I have received many feedbacks from my readers and in some of feedbacks the prospective grooms have requested to write on what “Man wants in her woman” or what they expect in his life partner.

Respecting to the request, here I am, with what a “Man wants in his woman” based on my studies, discussion with many grooms trying to understand their expectations and trying to identify those while matchmaking process.


Few qualities in woman grooms look for (may be they want more but here I have mentioned important ones)

  • She has presence of mind, intelligent, good reader, has her own philosophy of life, own thinking process, and open minded
  • She appreciates him for his work, time, attention and compliments to give his time and respect. know his need
  • After coming from office let him relax. Don’t be in hurry to let him know about your hard day.
  • Respect his financial status and appreciate also. Doesn’t make bad atmosphere related to financial issues.
  • Always maintain certain privacy of relationship. Never talk what comes in your mind. Apply think and speak policy.
  • Most important is keep yourself sexually healthy and wonderful with your man. Always open yourself  with him. Educate yourself for it.
  • Give time to your kids n inspire him to do so
  • Never develop emotional relationship with other man
  • Love his family
  • Lastly faithful to him, spend time with him, give respect and  attention, give space and love to him

So, now you know what men look for, when they look for their soulmate. Be…the dream soulmate…

Until next time…

Chandni Dalal

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